1 Tonne Tote for your Garden

We have 1 tonne tote bags of soil for sale. The average weight is 1000KG and approximately 2,000L. The size of the totes is 36 inches X 36 inches X 36 inches.
For your garden requirements.

About tinySoil
Our soil, which was developed with Dalhousie University, contains only sustainable and regenerative ingredients, and with only natural ingredients found in nature. Our soil is also full of micro-organisms for full mineralizaton that then grows plants that are nutrient dense with absorbable nutrients to the human body. No other soil on the market tests for this nor can claim absorption rates as tinySoil. 

The only thing, beyond taste, that matters is, does the soil grow plants that are healthy for you!
So the soil is completely pure of any synthetics and other chemicals.

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