Living Organic Nutrient Rich and Easy to Grow

Your kids can become tinyFarmers too!

It's a tinyFarm right in your home.

Imagine sitting at your dinner table and simply turning around to snip your fresh, living organic nutrient rich salad right into your bowl. Yup. It's that easy.
The tinyFarm's modular design fits perfectly with the urban lifestyle. It uses minimal energy output. And it's a cinch to grow a large variety of high density greens with a touch of a button.
The tinyFarm is a revolution bringing nutrient rich food to every home.
Who is tinyFarm for?
It’s for people tiny (yes—kids can farm) and big who:
- understand the importance of healthy, real food
- want to feed their family and friend organic homegrown produce
- want to garden year round
- want to save money on nutrient rich vegetables

Really...the tinyFarm is for everyone.
But you can’t even keep a cactus alive you say?
It just happens to be your lucky day. The tinyFarm is fully automated. This means no more wondering when I should water my plants or are they getting enough light? We've outfitted the tinyFarm with:
  • soil sensors that monitor saturation and release the perfect amount of water just when the plants need it. All you need to do is fill the reservoir.
  • broad spectrum LED lights. You don’t need to worry about putting it near a window.
What can I grow in the tinyFarm?
You can grow almost anything in the tinyFarm.
But to get the most bang for your buck we suggest:
salad leafy greens, microgreens, sprouts and herbs.
Now how much bang can I really get for my buck?
The 3-level tinyFarm Floor model can feed you heaping portions of salad each week, with each planter holding about $25 worth of produce!
The tinyFarm can grow approximately $150 in produce in a month.
That’s a pretty big bang considering it only costs less than $6.00 per month to run.
Want a tinyFarm?
We are currently accepting deposits to get access to our first round of tinyFarm's. Get yours by making a $50 deposit below.
Or contact us directly - by pressing the blue message button on our site, or an email to for more information


The easy-on-your-eyes tiny print (you're almost there)!
  • Your $50 deposit will act as a credit towards the purchase of your tinyFarm when we've finalized our pricing.
  • Because you were an early purchaser, we'll be setting a price only for early purchasers at a deep discount thanking you for your support, it will never be offered again.
  • Get ready to become a tinyFarmer!