July 2017
tinyFarm Update
The tinyTeam take our product development seriously.
Our excitement is building as we bring this tinyFarm to market. The journey has already been filled with twists and turns and we're committed to sharing every step of the way.
Read below to see where we're at for July 2017.
Decided on a Design Dream Team
User experience is a top priority for Modgarden. Finding just the right design firm to take our urban farm to market has been a serious hunt. We’ve landed on a pretty special crew—a Canadian-based design firm full of passion with experienced design chops. They are committed to ensuring the tinyFarm feels, looks and works just right. Our mission is for tinyFarming to fit into people’s everyday lives... like it has always been there.

Our Feature Hit List
Here are a few of the top features we’re building into the tinyFarm:
LED Lights
Our smart patent pending lights have tech built in to detect plant types and are full spectrum, mimicking the sun to provide all lights the plants need to grow them the fastest. Yup, you can put the tinyFarm in your dark basement or large closet.
Water system 
Our watering system is self-contained (meaning no house hook up) is automated, and will send you a text message when it runs low. The system’s moisture equalizer will prompt it to add just the right amount of water for each individual plant.
Adjustable trays
The tinyFarm's modular design is both stackable and intra-unit adjustable. We’ve made it versatile so you can grow a wider and more customized range of veggies. Grow living organic leafy greens, microgreens and herbs.

tinyFarm App 
The App ('Helper') guide is your in-home gardener with visual planting guides to make grow-it-yourself easy-as-pie. Our App is available on both mobile and desktop. We update it with the latest plant knowledge so you can learn more! 
Plug & Leave
The tinyFarm uses regular wattage. It only costs a wee bit on your utility bill—not another spike. The largest unit will cost you less than $6/ month to operate, even if the lights are on 18 hours (the suggested maximum per day).

Big Learning
We took our prototype on tour in Toronto. Over the month of June, tinyFarm met with a heap of potential customers (mainly women ages 35-50). It got seeded, sowed, deeply explored and talked about a whole bunch. We even introduced it to an eight year old girl who went wild at the chance to farm in her very own living room.

Customers gave us their honest feedback in person, via survey and phone calls. They shared the features they want to see, aspects that seemed less than perfect and inspiration for user experience that will make tinyFarming accessible to all.
Inspiration Station
Our Founder Aamar is passionate about his tinyFarm mission. Check out his inspirations and motivators in Plenty Magazine’s article on Modgarden.

Stay tuned for more updates.
Drop us a line @ contact@modgarden.com

The tinyFarmer in Residence
Aamar Khwaja